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At the hotel, Tonight, cartoon Carolin Gödeke

Born 1973 in Munich.
Studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and at the University for Fine Arts (UdK), Berlin. She made her diploma in Painting in the year 2000.
From 1999 - 2004, she studied classical indian dance Bharata Natyam at the Rajyashree Ramesh Academy in Berlin.
2004 - 2005 Carolin Gödeke got a scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations at Ponnaiah Lalitaka Academy, Bangalore, India.
She performed and exhibited in Germany, England, Russia, Mongolia, and in India. In her art projects, she combines fine arts and dance performance.

Cartoon: Carolin Gödeke’s cartoons are inspired by daily life and its contradictions and complexities. She works to find out what’s the essence of a special situation and to transform the personal into a general item. She is especially interested in the meetings of different characters and their communication. Her cartoons are sometimes relying on a kind of "visual diary", but are transcending the emotional patterns into symbolic and surreal or even fantastic dimensions. Every situation is containing a metaphysical or archetypical aspect.

Carolin Gödekes cartoons are expressive line drawings with ink on paper. Are you already having a special scene in your mind? Carolin Gödeke is drawing for you cartoons or comic-stories.

german version
fish, cartoon
Eva, cartoon
fish, cartoon
man, cartoon

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