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calligraphy: sushi-menueAgnete Sabbagh

1970 born in Hanover.
1990 - 1997 studied at the university of Hanover (comparative religious sciences and german literature)
While studying she worked as a freelancer for several projects and institutions, for example for the Ästhetik-Kongress Hannover in 1992 and at the broadcasting stations Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) in Hanover and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) in Cologne.
1998 Projectmanagement at the grafic-agency P. Spitzley visionworks, Cologne
1998 - 1999 expert for film at the KunstSalon e.V., Cologne
2000 - 2001 freelancer at different agencies for illustrations and calligraphy, Berlin
2003 foundation of atelier Al-Sabbagh: paintings, illustrations, calligraphy and walldesign.

Calligraphy: Agnete Sabbagh uses a wide range of materials such as indian ink, water colour, pencils and coloured pencils. Within this range she can give you a stylistic very exact drawing, or on the other hand the paintwork of Japanese ink drawing. Other specialities include: specially prepared roughcasted canvas or wood. This particular preperation will point out a special effects on its own.

calligraphy, german version
table cards, calligraphy
calligraphy of an arabic poem
a citation of Theodor Fontane calligraphy

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